Domain Name

Domain Name Registration

Get A DomainIf this is your first time getting web design service, the first thing you are going to need to do is register a domain. To do that, first – you have to consider what your business is about. What goods or services do you provide, where do you provide them etc. Now, when you start brain storming names for your domain, you can do so with your focus on the goods or service you provide and the location you serve. This will help you narrow things down. Know that if you need help with getting your domain, we can help!

Once you have a few ideas for your domain name, the next step will be to check and see if the domain is available. There are several tools out on the web that can allow you to see if a domain is available or not. I cannot really say how reliable these tools are, but what I do recommend is getting web hosting with 1 and 1 Internet. You don’t have to have a domain to do that. They cost between; $5 to $10 monthly, for their web hosting service and their services are easy to use. Once you sign up with 1 and 1, you can log in and check to see if the domain you are interested in is available. They have a registration tool that allows you to find available domains.

If the domain you want is available, get it! It costs about $10 per year. 1 and 1 usually gives you a free domain when you register your very first domain, which gives you “little savings” that add up! If this process becomes confusing at any point, we can help you set things up for free if you have a web design contract with us. So don’t hesitate to give us a call.